How to Integrate Traditional Sales Activities With Social Media Platforms

Social media integration into our daily real estate lives has become the new trend.  Can you have a successful business without it? Yes.  If you already have a VERY successful real estate business that is all referral based and uses traditional marketing, then you will likely be fine.  However, if you are a newer generation real estate professional, then social media marketing is crucial.  Your business could be missing a single step that can explode your brand and exposure.  Social media integration is easy, cheap, and saves thousands of hours by quickly getting your business in front of the world.  The 3 keys to success:  Plan your attack, stay consistent, and promote interaction.

How to Integrate Traditional Sales Activities With Social Media Platforms


Creating a monthly road map of your marketing activities is a crucial detail to the sustainability of any business plan.  Many of the real estate transactions we are working on in today’s market bring obstacles and transactional details that eat up hours in the day along with our energy and creativity.  If you ignore marketing and lead generation until your inbox is empty, you will find your pipeline of new business empty as well.  Putting systems in place that work for you while you’re in the field will kill two birds with one stone.


Effectively integrating traditional sales activities with the newer social media platforms is a high impact low cost combination that works seamlessly when used correctly.  Remember, the message you’re delivering to your audience is the same; only the vehicle that it’s delivered in has changed. There are some critics (tying to sell you their old school services) who don’t believe in its effectiveness. Unfortunately they don’t understand how to prove social media ROI, how it’s integrated into a business plan and how to measure its analytics. Advertising activities need to make sense no matter what they are AND they should always align with your sales goals. So, in other words..."buying the treadmill won't help you loose will need to use it daily to produce the desired result". Consistency is the key to success.


Here are some key things to remember: 


  • Create, sort and categorize your database before beginning a marketing campaign.  Make sure you have complete email addresses, phone numbers and addresses.  You can't target market if you don't know who they are.  


  • Create a marketing calendar for each activity and set a reminder so you don't let transactional busy work interfere with your lead generation. If you fail to plan…plan to fail. 


  • Set up and complete ALL social profiles (Facebook Fanpage, Linkedin Profile, Active Rain Blogs, Twitter, Pintrest).  Social Sites produce organic SEO because of their frequently updated and dynamic information. If your acquaintance or client happens to Google your name, don't get caught with an unfinished profile on the first page of Google. You will forever be branded the agent who doesn't finish their projects and miss a prime opportunity to capture a new lead. Social sites will naturally drive traffic to you and your company websites.


  • Find interesting content to share with your audience by back linking your Facebook Fanpage to other pages, read your “Linkedin Today” updates for the newest most interesting offerings by your connections, set up Google Alerts for interesting articles, blogs and video that would be beneficial for you to share with your audience. Share photos and video of your daily activities, happy client testimonials, lifestyles, area amenities etc…


  • Social networking allows you to; showcase your brand, promote your character and competence, advertise events, widen your reach without added manpower, will drive traffic to your websites and resources, makes it easy for clients to refer your services, allows client’s to give you immediate feedback, will promote your expertise to a new generation, and will sell your services by endorsement. Take time to understand the platform and the function it provides to enhance your connectivity.


  • Utilize analytics to measure your effectiveness with each social platform.  ROI is measured by your level of engagement. Was there enough interaction with your audience to leverage for a live appointment?  How many new followers did you acquire? How many followers were transitioned into transacting customers? How many transacting customers were turned into loyal customers? How many followers were leveraged to increase your reach?


  • Time management is key!  Do not spend countless hours a day on social sites.  They were created to work for you while you’re out in the field.  You can accomplish all you need to do in less than an hour if you have a system in place.


If you would like to understand how a social media-marketing platform could positively impact your business and bottom line, call me today to set up a consultation. I will be happy to help you create campaign that will produce results and achieve your sales goals. ~


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How to Integrate Traditional Sales Activities With Social Media…
Social media integration into our daily real estate lives has become the new trend. Can you have a successful business without it? Yes. If you already have a VERY successful real estate business that is all referral based and uses traditional… more