President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize.....What Does This Say To Our Children? A Discussion


President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

How did this happen?


I don't want this to turn into a pro-Obama, anti-Obama post! I just wonder if his Presidency is giving our children a good message or a bad one. Two different ideas occur to me.

1: Good Message: President Obama is clearly a triumph for race relations. Most of us are old enough to live during a time this would have been out of the question. He campaigned on ideas and was not openly a member of an old boys club, nor did he have family connections. He was a fresh face and had his own ideas to promote. In this it a good message?

If you want to achieve something, you can promote your ideas and succeed.

2: Bad Message: President Obama has just won a Nobel Peace Prize which is a high honor for working hard and making a difference. By virtue of his youth and inexperience....he hasn't achieved anything. Yet....he's being awarded an extreme honor based on the hope that he will. Is this a bad message?

You don't need to accomplish anything to get the same awards and accolades as, you'll get an A for effort or intention.

Your thoughts?

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Comment balloon 1 commentJustin Messer • October 21 2009 02:57PM


What is the Nobel Prize, a JOKE. I doubt anyone has taken it serious in years. Look at the news, he won and even he didn't know why. As far as messages to the kids, I think it says do nothing and you still have a chance or even a welfare recipient gets a paycheck or I know even a blind squirrel will find a nut if keeps moving.

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