Hit Router

Hit router was created to drive more traffic to your website.

There are two sides to hit router:

  1. the free side i.e my markets,
  2. the pay for clicks side i.e start a new campaign.

You also get credits for driving traffic to other agents sites who are not competing within your markets. You can use these credits to pay for a click campaign within your own markets. You could be routing consumers to Ted's url in Alaska and use the credits you earn to buy clicks/traffic for your own url in Arizona for instance.

There are a couple tricks and strategies that will help you get the most out of Hit Router, but first you need to set up your markets. This is very easy to do. First from your 'my home' page, on the left hand side of your screen you see the word 'Hit Router' in blue just beneath where it says write a blog post. Click on it. Now you see three key phrases that are in blue starting at the top it says 'start a new campaign' under that it says 'my markets' and then under that it says 'click credits'.

In the city box just under where it says my markets type in the name of the city where you do the most farming. then click on the city name that is in the right state in the drop box menu. Once you have done this an empty box appears that says:

this is where you will put the url (link) you want to route clients to. Make sure this is the unique url that will have them looking at pictures of homes for sale in the city you have selected. not the front page where they must enter their search terms. It is best to send them to a web site that will capture them as a prospect through forced registration. It will be best to force the registration after they have clicked on their first listing then moved on to their second one. Only require a name and e-mail address leave phone number optional.

If we route our potential prospects to any other type of web site where we are not displaying listings, we have a high chance of losing them.

Once you have set up your markets any visitor to the site who is reading your blog or is on your profile or outside blog and types one of your market cities into the search for homes bar that is on every page of active rain if you are not logged in as a member, will be routed directly to the url you have chosen.

If they type in a city that is not within your markets then they will be routed to whatever url belongs to the person who is buying clicks for that city and you will get click credits. When you consider that within most markets google charges an average of $2-$4 per click our cost per click which is as low as $0.49 is a much better deal. when you consider the fact that the person being routed to your site from ActiveRain is looking up real estate related information already, their traffic to your site is worth much more then generic google traffic of some one who for instance just typed in a city and state into their google search bar for something unrelated to real estate.

Starting a click campaign is very easy under where it says 'start new campaign' type the name of the city you want to buy clicks for into the box that says city. Next highlight the city that is in the right state in the drop box menu and give it a click. Now under location it says the city you will be buying clicks for to the right of that it has the min. suggested bid for that area to the right of that you see a green check mark that means if your bid is equal to or greater than the bid in the CPC (cost per click) box just to the right of it you will get all the clicks for that area until you have reached your monthly budget which is directly to the right of the CPC , then the person who is in line behind you will begin getting the clicks for that area.

if you see a red check mark that means you are not in the first position to get those clicks so you must wait till those who have bid more per click then you have meet their budgets before you begin getting the clicks for that area. Now set the URL that will have them looking at homes for sale within that city and click create. Once you enter your payment info you are ready to set up new campaigns. right now we have members who are getting a 17% conversion ratio on their clicks. that means if mary sue bought 100 clicks at $0.50 she should get roughly 17 new clients for the cost of $50 that is a pretty good deal by any standards. even if Mary Sue only gets one new client out of those 100 clicks its still a great! deal for $50.

If you have any questions about Hit Router or any other feature of the ActiveRain network please give me a call 425-636-3314. Here at ActiveRain member services we are dedicated to the success of each and every member.

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