The Fiscal Cliff: Is it real?

The Fiscal Cliff:  Is it real?

Many of us occasionally hear about this looming "fiscal cliff" on all the news channels.  For the most of us, we simply brush it off or just assume its another government program or issue that is too complicated to comprehend.  Unfortunately, it is very real and will 100% have an effect on everyone.  When your pay check, savings, checking, and investments start shrinking, believe me, you'll notice.

On January 1st, the United States will experience a bit of a tax hike.  Wait, thats an understatement.  On January 1st, the USA will experience the largest tax increase in the history of the country.  Got your attention yet?

In 2001 and 2003, the Bush administration along with the GOP Congress put in place a series of tax cuts for families, business owners, and investors.  These cuts will expire on New Year's Day which is the first segment of this 3 part devastation.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

First, personal income tax rates increase across the board.  Does this affect you? Fiscal Cliff is coming soon!

-The 10% bracket rises to a new and expanded 15%

-The 25% bracket rises to 28%

-The 28% bracket rises to 31%

-The 33% bracket rises to 36%

-The 35% bracket rises to 39.6%

  • Getting married? Great!  Except now, there is a marriage penalty because filing jointly is no longer a huge perk.  Deductions for children is also being cut in half.
  • The Death Tax is back.  It actually never left but now it is far more likely that your loved ones will incure a major bill when a family member passes away.  If you pass away and leave more than 1 million in assets, then your heirs will incur a 55% tax.  Today, its 35% but thats if you leave 5 million or 10 million if married.
  • Like to invest your hard earned money?  Don't waste your time.  Making money these days is hard enough.  Currently, the Capital Gains Tax is at 15%.  Soon, it will shoot up to a a whopping 23%.  
  • If you have a large bulk of your assets investmented safely that earn dividends, then you might think about something else.  The top dividend tax will rise from 15% to 43.4% in 2013.  No, that is not a typo.

These hikes are only the first shockwave of what is yet to come.  Stay tuned this week for wave 2 and 3.  Just so you know, there are about 25 other increases that will affect all of us.  For instance, did you know that Obamacare will hurt the real estate recovery by taxing home owners? 

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Comment balloon 4 commentsJustin Messer • November 09 2012 03:33PM


Justin, I appreciate it, that is very important information about "Fiscal Cliff" Great post! 

Posted by EMILIA B COOPER, REALTOR® SFR.NCHSE.AHWD, Short Sales, Foreclosure & Bank Owned Real Estate (LAROSA REALTY) about 8 years ago

Justin, This is small change compared to the hyper-inflation that is coming. We've already gone over the cliff with QE3. This will just speed it up a good bit. They'll keep averting it and bumping it down the road a little longer.

Posted by Bob & Bonnie Horning about 8 years ago

Bob and Bonnie,

You are 100% correct.  QE3 was a huge mistake.  Believe me, I would love to write and write and write about all the mess we are in and all the fun things we have to look forward to but that might take me 6 months to write!

Thanks for your comment.

Posted by Justin Messer, Residential Loan Officer, USDA Rural Housing Loan (Supreme Lending USDA, FHA, and Conventional Loans) about 8 years ago

Justin, great post on the tax increases looming over us in 2013, you made it very clear and easy to understand, unlike the politicians that talk in circles to try to confuse us. I do not think that most people even know what you are talking about...but they will know when they get their first paycheck in 2013 and see the decrease. I bet they start asking questions then. I hope that this does not stall the housing market again, so soon after it seems to be picking up.

Posted by Jeanne Kozak, REALTOR and Broker/Owner in WV and VA (RE/MAX In Action) about 8 years ago